"I had the urge to examine my life in another culture and move beyond what I knew."

I love this quote by Frances Mayes. Living and traveling outside ones culture helped us both have a broader perspective and a simpler life. Our life experience shows in our angel and photos.

August 2023

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Glasgow, Scotland

Palms Springs, Ca

We travel because it's life!

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Miamisburg, Ohio

Coron, Philippines

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Ubud, Bali

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A few fun travel facts about me

Languages I speak


Wedding cake, travel

English, Nigerian pidgin, Spanish

our FAVORITE place is


Being on a plane

Petra, Jordan

traveled to


Tiny houses

Over 60 different countries

I really want to go to


Museums and volleyball

Norway, Poland, Sri Lanka

Upcoming Adventure

Palms Springs, Ca

LOCATION : California

When you think of Palm Springs, what do you think of? Hot sand, palm trees, desolate desert plains. For us we're thinking about love. Especially between a couple, Ashley & Alex that we absolutely adore who are getting married in this beautiful part of the country. This part of America is absolutely fascinating. Most like trees and mountains, but in this part of the country it is more desert and isolation but yet there's a romantic whimsy to this beautiful place. We are so excited that a Destination Wedding is waiting for us. The light and the colors are going to be so magical for our daring beautiful couple!

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