Carmel Mission Basilica Wedding of Gabriela & Robert

Destination wedding in a romantic historical Mission Basilica Museum in Carmel-by-the-Sea was everything important to our couple Gabriela and Robert. First built in 1797, it is one of the most authentically restored Catholic mission churches in California. Located at the mouth of Carmel Valley, California. My husband and I looked at each other and felt like we stepped back in time. This museum is well preserved even the smells were of ancient times. Polished wood... candle wax filled the air. It took me back to my childhood when my mother used to take me to church to worship. Did I just revert to childhood? Tony shook his head at me. 

Gabriela and Robert wanted all the feels to be captured. What was important to them was family and traditions. They love big and hug strong! 

"Gabriela, what is important to you and what do you want me to capture?" I asked her for our first meeting 

She looked at me and smiled faintly. She said in her quiet, soft voice;

" is everything to us."

"Okay. I said as I wrote it down and then she laughed. 

"Well, also, our first dance as husband and wife." She giggled.

"Gotha!! I giggled as well.

Well well I said to their a story here? 

Robert is not one to dance a lot... But he will on the wedding day. 

He was actually a great dancer and being with them on their day was amazing! Everyone in the family danced their little hearts out. We were even invited a few times to drop the camera and break out our busted moves! So we did.

Grateful to be a part of their day and capture a bit of history we were happy to serve this very gracious couple.

California has a tragic yet deep history. The natives built some of the historical buildings that still stand today under a powerful human conviction called Belief and Devotion. Living here has many sites and gems throughout. What would it have been like in those times?

On a serious note...have you seen our coastline or Disneyland?

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