If I can do an elopement for every wedding that I do like this one in Costa Rica I am living the absolute dream! Kelsey and Ben were my ideal dream couple who are willing to up and leave tradition and travel to a distant land called Costa Rica!? Covid took out a lot of big weddings so couples turned to something brave, something adventurous called "Elopement!" We all could not wait for the fun adventure that we were all embarking on.

Getting ready at a small flat by the beach. We danced around as I captured moments of them casually getting ready like it was another day. They been together forever...shared so many adventures together...what is another!  We stopped on the side of the road for some ice cold beers and chat it up with the locals as some shouted out congratulations. What was the rush...it was just us?! No timeline, no guest waiting...no pressure, just them intoxicated with each other! Hand and hand we head down a trail to the beach where they had a private ceremony with us and them and the sound of the waves, slight breeze and light click of my camera. The weather was perfect the salty sea air was like something out of a dream.

Elopement is for the adventurous! You have to have a strong sense of self to make such a commitment as this. A lot of people have a hard time especially families when they are not able to be present for something so special. But the whole point of an elopement is about the couple, about their love for each other. You are my peeps come on!! I am ready for you!!

After the vows we hiked up a small little mountain off the beach to look out into the distant blue. We just were so happy to be in Costa Rica to enjoy the warmth of the sunset, the cool culture with its the pura vida lifestyle with some really amazing people. There's such good friends that we plan on doing a cool trip together in Bali which by the way, cannot wait!

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